The Shankha is an important symbol in Hinduism. It represents purity, spirituality and divinity. During rituals and ceremonies it is seen as a sign of good luck and spiritual development.

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The Shankha, also known as the conch shell, has great spiritual significance in Hinduism. It is considered a sacred object and has several symbolic meanings: Spiritual Significance: The Shankha is associated with Lord Vishnu and is often used in Hindu rituals and ceremonies. It is blown like a ceremonial trumpet, symbolizing the beginning and end of rituals. Symbol of Divine Sound: The sound created when blowing the Shankha is believed to purify the environment and create positive vibrations. It is associated with the sacred sound 'Om,' which represents the cosmic sound of creation. Representation of the Water Element: It is connected to the element of water and is considered purifying. It is often used in rituals with water and symbolizes purity and cleansing. Symbol of Protection: The Shankha is seen as a protective symbol, which wards off negative energies and brings blessings.