Indian Instruments

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The Indian harmonium is a popular musical instrument known for its rich and versatile sound. An integral part of Indian music traditions, the Indian harmonium has a small keyboard and bellows that create airflow, resulting in distinctive tones. This portable instrument is widely used in a variety of genres, including classical, devotional and folk music, adding depth and resonance to performances. Discover the unique sound and expressive capabilities of the Indian harmonium, a beloved instrument in India's musical heritage.


The tabla is a renowned percussion instrument that occupies an important place in Indian classical music. It consists of a pair of hand drums, with the smaller drum known as the "tabla". The tabla produces a wide range of rhythmic patterns and melodic accents, making it the heart of Indian classical music. Its versatile character and expressive capabilities make it a valued instrument among musicians and enthusiasts. The Indian tabla is a valuable gem of India's musical heritage.


The Veena is an enchanting string instrument from India. This beautiful instrument has an important place in classical music traditions. With its unique sound and refined craftsmanship, the Veena captivates listeners worldwide. This stringed instrument has a resonant body, long neck and frets, resulting in soulful melodies. Discover the enchanting beauty and melodic richness of the Indian Veena, an instrument that embodies the essence of India's musical heritage.


The Dholak is a lively Indian percussion instrument. Known for its compelling rhythms and infectious grooves, the Dholak adds an exciting element to traditional and folk music. Explore the versatile tones and expressive capabilities of this hand drum, which features prominently in Indian cultural celebrations. The Dholak, a rhythmic powerhouse that embodies the spirit of Indian musical traditions.


The Nadaswaram is a majestic wind instrument with a rich history in South Indian classical music. Discover its resonant tones and cultural significance at weddings, temple rituals and festive occasions. Immerse yourself in the traditional sounds of the Nadaswaram and embrace the essence of Indian musical heritage.


Discover the enchanting sounds of the sitar, a classic Indian string instrument known for its unique resonance and intricate melodic expressions. With its unique construction with movable frets and sympathetic strings, the sitar has become a symbol of Indian classical music. Explore the rich cultural heritage and deep meaning of this iconic instrument. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the sitar, where age-old traditions merge with soulful melodies, creating a transcendent musical experience that resonates with the depths of the human spirit.


Discover the enchanting beauty of the sarod, a unique string instrument from Indian classical music. With its melodious tones and skillful fingering techniques, the sarod creates compelling melodies. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage and expressive art of this fascinating instrument. Let the enchanting sounds of the sarod transport you to a world of rhythmic bliss and heartfelt emotions.


Experience the rhythmic splendor of the tavil, a traditional South Indian percussion instrument. With its resonant tones and powerful strokes, the tavil sets the rhythm of Carnatic music performances. Explore the cultural significance and intricate craftsmanship of this majestic double-sided drum. Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of the tavil, where its pounding rhythms create an exhilarating musical experience that resonates deeply in the soul.

Bansuri | Wooden Flute

The bansuri is an enchanting Indian bamboo flute. With its ethereal tones and graceful nuances, the bansuri enchants listeners with its soothing beauty. Immerse yourself in the rich musical heritage and meditative qualities of this iconic instrument. Explore the serene world of the bansuri, where its melodious expressions evoke a sense of calm and inner peace. Experience the enchanting magic of the bansuri flute.